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It was a great year. I am super thrilled that I won best wedding makeup for the OC Hotlist and I placed 4th for best wedding hair!! I had some wonderful brides and bridal parties last year. I am excited to start meeting my 2015 brides. I hope everyone had a good holiday! Be sure to check out my Facebook and Instagram for the most recent photos. I haven’t been able to blog from my phone here so I haven’t been posting as much. Darn word press apps never work! Here’s some photos of the last few brides of 2015 Emily from December 20th  and Jill New Years Eve. emily jill w jill w


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I have 2 in Orange County tomorrow then Sunday I am back in Temecula for another wedding. Here’s a few shots from Wendy’s wedding. One of me doing her hair and one of my makeup. Please don’t forget to vote for me for best Wedding Makeup and Hair in the OC Hotlist!!!! Here’s a link


applying  lashes my makeup

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this year.  I will be doing hair and makeup for Shannon’s friend Bree next April and she sent me the photographer’s info. Great photos! Here’s a few I was able to get off of the web. There are tons if you follow the link.

Cameron Taylor Blog of Shannon and Billy wedding

shannon and groom shannon wedding party

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For a makeup and hair consultation for her April wedding. Tomorrow I am doing Sang’s wedding in Anaheim then Sunday it’s off to Temecula for Michelle’s wedding. Here’s are some candid shots I took from Wendy’s wedding in Costa Mesa last Friday.  Oh and please don’t forget to VOTE for me for best wedding makeup and hair in the OC Hotlist. It’s really easy to vote via your Facebook or Twitter account.


bridesmaid hair Wendy and her bridesmaids Wendy the bride

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