Been busy busy busy here’s some photos of brides last weekend

I usually do a lot of hair but last weekend it was mostly makeup. First was Laura’s wedding. She got ready at her parents home. It’s a tradition in some cultures that the bride must walk out of her parents house with her wedding dress on. It was a HOT day and there was no A/C but I did manage to do bride Laura’s hair and her Mom and Sister’s hair then makeup for her and 6 others.  I loved her dramatic eyes-s0 pretty..There was no time for photos. I just got one of Laura.

Laura hair and makeup

Then Saturday I did Makeup only for bride Christy and 5 girls at the Blue Lantern Inn in Dana Point. Her room had a spectacular view wow! She had me stay for touch ups so I even got to sneak a photo of her and the groom’s first look.

Christy and her bouquet Christy and her girls First look! Christy looking fabulous view of Dana Point Harbor

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