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Just a few behind the scenes shots.

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I’m back from my European ✈️ vacation 🇬🇧 🇩🇪 🇫🇷 and back to work! Here’s some photos from a photo shoot yesterday with 2 young ladies. Later on I did hair and makeup for a new Mom for her photos. 

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There is a service you may not have heard of called Thumbtack that is used for hiring artists, businesses etc for various projects including Wedding Planning. What you may not realize is that the artists and photographers for example have to pay just to be able to send you a quote. Even if you don’t hire us we still lose money. There is also no way we can vet or contact the client if we have questions. The client may decide to hire you for a large job then when you meet them they change it and we have no control ot protections against that. While some requests may be legitimate many are not and not only are we the artists getting ripped off but you the consumer may also be as well because anyone can put a listing on there. So please if you want to use the service at least keep in mind that every quote you view costs us a lot of money.

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I did hair for 6 of her bridesmaids and her hair and makeup. I wasn’t able to get them all together for the photo. We were on a tight schedule-I had 3 hours to do everyone, but finished on time #beautyninja. So here are some photos from that. I also took a few photos of makeup and hair I did for past bride Sinta for her 35th birthday party. I can’t wait to see her costume. Fun day.  Luckily no jobs today-I caught a nasty cold so just resting up.  Enjoy your weekend everyone!sintahair 1 sinta

bride and her girls

bridesmaid hair christie hair side-do makeup




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