Doing a trial in Mission Viejo today. Thanks Arie for the nice review!

I did Arie’s hair and her friend Violet the bride’s hair and makeup. Here’s a few photos of us. Arie also does officiating so check her out!

Me, Arie and bride Violet Violet dress5_n

Heres the review on The Wedding Channel

Flawless & Amazing    posted 3/10/2014 (modified 3/11/2014)

I was a bridesmaid in a friend’s wedding. The bride had her makeup and hair done, and I had my hair done.

Lisa arrived on time, and was very efficient and friendly. She was extremely professional, with all the best makeup and equipment. I loved watching her put on my friend’s makeup with the airbrush. It was truly flawless and gorgeous! My friend’s hair was incredible and stunning! Her hair and makeup lasted ALL night, with dancing, rain, wind, and hugs! I am not even exaggerating… ALL night! She looked perfect at the end of the night, as if she had just come from hair & makeup!

Now, my hair is stick straight, and I didn’t think there was anyway that my hair would hold a curl; but, Lisa worked her magic and my girls lasted ALL night too! In fact, I woke up with curls still in my hair. Yes, it was a fun wedding!

I didn’t pay for the services, so I don’t know the final price; but, I know it was very reasonable and well worth every penny! I am beyond impressed with Lisa’s work, and it was great to work with her too. She was very friendly and directed us politely to move one way or another during hair and makeup.

I’ve seen the photos from the photographer, and our hair and my bride’s makeup look great!!! So, it wasn’t just my elevated happiness… it really is Lisa’s skill and expertise!

So, if you want flawless, perfect hair and makeup that will last all night, you want Lisa to do it! You’ll be so happy!

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