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A+ Vintage Style

posted 12/30/2015

This is long overdue – I got married in 11/15. 

Lisa was fantastic. I never got into fashion so giving her an idea of what I wanted was really difficult. Pretty much the only thing I’d ever done with my hair was put it in a bun and I’ve only ever had make up on maybe twice. She had her work cut out for her with me. 🙂 

I told her I wanted some sort of a vintage curl and showed her a few images on my phone – none of which were *exactly* what I wanted, but I was having a hell of a time finding the right image. 
Lisa managed to figure it out really easily and created beautiful flat, pinned curls for me. I had bleached blond bangs and dark brown hair – she used my blond bangs to create a really nice swooping curl pinned to the left side of my head – I loved it so much I wanted to keep the look long as possible. 🙂 
I also have SUPER sensitive eyes and she knew just how to treat them. She put on just the right amount for my eyes so they wouldn’t react poorly throughout the day. The makeup lasted all day and I barely felt it at all (extremely important to me as part of the reason I don’t wear makeup is that I’m constantly fussing with my face and worried about dealing with eczema). 
The style Lisa made for me was just as fantastic on the day of my wedding as it was on the day of the trial. I’ve had loads of coworkers, family, and friends complimenting the hair style Lisa did for me – some even multiple times even after a month. 🙂 
I absolutely recommend going with Lisa, especially if you want something unique or vintage.

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    Lisa is a Pro in every way. That means you can trust her opinions and suggestions on all things make up and hairstyling. What makes her the top is her ability to listen and knowledge of products that will work best.

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